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Nashville has so many incredible restuarants, and these are some of my favorties! To be a three Rachelinstar eatery, restaurants must provide an experience that should be a focal point of one's time in Nashville. All four of these restaurants not only are critical to some of my most important moments in Nashville, but truly deliver excellence to a next degree.

Three Star Restuarants

Under Construction! My family puts up menus in our dining room, and Husk is the only restaurant represented twice: once from my move in weekend to Vanderbilt, and another from my father’s 50th anniversary. While this may represent the love the esteem to which my family holds Husk, it certainly does not represent all the times we dined there! Husk is a celebration of Southern cuisine, brought to Nashville from Charleston by Chef Sean Brock. **A line about the fact that the house is small, but its so stunning **A line about the farm to table aspect. The first time I went, I was in awe, starting to love the whole “farm to table” concept of dining. Husk takes this to a new level, by not only sourcing local goods from people around Nashville, but having their own gardens where they grow their own vegetables, herbs, and more, that you can walk through. As I’ve spent more time in Nashville, many of the names became increasingly familiar, and I can assure you - they only cook with the good stuff. Once of my passions too since before turning 21 was that people should be able to enjoy a hand crafted beverage before dinner, even if they didn’t want to drink alcohol (not just soda etc.) Husk does just this, with a prohibition cocktail menu that evaluates the experience for everyone in your party. The dinner and brucarriage house at Husk
Paterson House
Under Construction! Everyone has something that they can talk about for hours. For me, that's Reality TV show competition, which is a rabbit hole we do NOT want to get into (unless you do... rachelinstars@gmail.com) To me, the Paterson House is the epitome of people who's thing they can talk about for hours is cocktails. What I love about them, however, is it is for everyone. Everyone is so entrenched in their love of cocktails that they just want to share it with you. Whether its my dad asking to explore amaros, my boyfriend wanting something negroni-esque, me with my random adjectives(ie bright, light, wacky, weird) or my friend wanting a "simple tasty drink", the bartenders approach each customer with excitement about getting to share their vast knowledge with you.
The Cat Bird Seat
Under Construction!
Under Construction! atmosphere is awesome Fancy place, great food, and a happy hour which is… cheesesteaks? Excellent food, great mix of flavors, everything is great If you do not order desert here, you are making a mistake. I’m going to hit that again, Do not skip dessert or you are making a mistake